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Albizia Lebbeck Seeds

Albizia Lebbeck

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When propagating large numbers of albizia seedlings, seed should be soaked in boiled water for 3 minutes followed by 24 hours in cool water. Stir seed during the hot-water soak. The volumes of hot and cold water should be five times the volume seed.

Sow the seeds in large shallow pots or trays filled with a potting soil to within an inch of the top. Scatter the seeds over the soil, spacing them a few inches apart. Cover the seeds with about a half-inch of soil.

Moisten the seeded pots and keep them in a bright to full-sun location. The seeds should start to grow within a week or two. Set the seedlings in full sun, and keep them moist. When a few inches tall with several true leaves, they can be transplanted to individual pots.

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