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  • Pet Friendly
  • Shade Loving Plants
  • Bright Light / Full Sun
  • Drought Resistant
  • Flowering
  • Non Flowering

Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Ehretia Microphylla Buxus Spiral

Ehretia microphylla

AED 1,470

Umbrella Palm

Cyperus alternifolius

AED 48

Chamaedorea Seifritzii

Chamaedorea Seifritzii

AED 250

Ficus Benjamina Green Tree

Benjamina Starlight

AED 4,725

Neem Plant

Azadirachta Indica

AED 21

Japanese Spindle Tree Gold

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 299

Albomarginatus Spindle Big

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 265

Terminalia Catappa - Indian Almond

Terminalia Catappa

AED 63

Yucca Desmetiana Or Blue Boy

Yucca Desmetiana

AED 48

Ehretia Microphylla Buxus Wall Shaped

Ehretia microphylla

AED 342

Century Plant

Agave americana 'Variegata'

AED 100

Ficus Panda - Cage Shape

AED 2,415

Henna Plant Tall

Lawsonia Inermis

AED 179

Silver Damas Tall

Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus

AED 90

Washingtonia Palm

Washingtonia robusta

AED 2,499

Agave Potatorum Red Edge

Agave Potatorum

AED 158

European Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis

AED 105

Pencil Cactus Tall

Euphorbia tirucalli

AED 300

Mexican Washingtonia

Washingtonia robusta

AED 137

Ficus Microcarpa Bushy

Ficus Microcarpa

AED 46

Ficus Lyrata Single Head

Ficus Lyrata Branch

AED 200

Hot Pepper Small

Capsicum Annuum


Ficus Benjamina Starlight Tall

Benjamina Starlight

AED 121

16% off

Cranberry Hibiscus

Hibiscus acetosella

AED 40

AED 48

Ficus Triangularis Variegata

Variegated Triangle Ficus

AED 79

Agave Potatorum Albo Variegata

Agave Potatorum

AED 147

Ficus elastica Abidjan – Rubber Plant Outdoor

Ficus elastica

AED 147

Weeping Fig Bushy

Ficus Benjamina

AED 578

10% off

Alternanthera Green

Althernantera Green

AED 19

AED 21

Zoysia Tenuifolia or Korean Lawn Grass

AED 10

Silver Bismarck Palm

Bismarckia Nobilis

AED 1,575

Wax Palm

Copernicia alba

AED 4,200

Black varnish Tricolor


AED 37

Euonymus japonicas Green Rocket

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 126

Spanish Dagger

Yucca gloriosa

AED 210

Smooth Agave variegata

Agave Desmettiana variegata

AED 105

Silver Buttonwood Damas

Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus

AED 40

Ficus Microcarpa 3 Head

AED 840

Elephant Bush - Portulacaria

Portulacaria afra

AED 20

Ficus Microcarpa Green

Ficus Microcarpa

AED 11


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