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Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Macodes Petola

AED 368

Jasminum polyanthum - Pink Jasmine

Jasminum polyanthum

AED 473

Hoya Wayetii Variegata

AED 90

Rhododendron Simsii Tall

AED 363

Gardenia Indoor

Gardenia Jasminoides

AED 53

Phalaenopsis Orchid Holland 2 Stem

AED 111

Peace Lily


AED 37

Rose Indoor mini

AED 252

Phalaenopsis Orchid Thailand 2 Stem

AED 136

Phalaenopsis Orchid Thailand (Single Stem)

AED 111

Watermelon peperomia

Peperomia argyreia

AED 69

Hoya Wayetii

AED 90

Kalanchoe Magic Bell

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Magic Bell

AED 90

Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia Reginae

AED 683

Anthurium Lovely Green

Anthurium Jenmanii 'Lovely Green'

AED 294

Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis floribunda

AED 410

Calathea Crocata

AED 515

Phalaenopsis Orchid Holland (Single Stem)

AED 82

Monalisa Lipstick Plant Hanging

Aeschynanthus Radicans

AED 100

Monalisa Lipstick Plant China

Aeschynanthus Radicans

AED 50

Twisted Lipstick Plant Hanging

Aeschynanthus 'Rasta'

AED 100


Guzmania Conifera

AED 55


Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Calandiva

AED 20

Rose Indoor (Wholesale Pack of 10)

AED 263

Anthurium White

Anthurium Andraeanum White Champion

AED 74

Anthurium Pink

Anthurium Andraeanum Avo Lilian

AED 63

Anthurium Red

Anthurium Andreanum Sierra

AED 58


Chrysanthemum Indicum

AED 21

Anthurium Crystalline

Anthurium Crystallinum

AED 158



AED 58

Anthurium Chocolate

AED 410

Restocking Soon

Anthurium Purple Cubo

PS Decor

AED 67

Restocking Soon

Cyclamen Plant Mini

Pilea cadierei

AED 13

AED 20

Restocking Soon

Begonia Red Cubo

PS Decor

AED 40

Restocking Soon

Begonia Pink Cubo

PS Decor

AED 38

AED 45

Restocking Soon

Clivia Miniata

Peperomia Roundifolia Green Button

AED 90

Restocking Soon

Anthurium Lily Cubo

PS Decor

AED 58

Restocking Soon

Anthurium Mini Cubo

PS Decor

AED 41

Restocking Soon

Orange Jasmine

Murraya paniculata

AED 53

Restocking Soon

Peace Lily Cuttings

AED 15


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