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Care level

  • Care-Free / Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard


  • Pet Friendly
  • Shade Loving Plants
  • Bright Light / Full Sun
  • Drought Resistant
  • Flowering
  • Non Flowering

Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Moss Rose Purslane

Portulaca grandiflora

AED 20

Star Jasmine Tall

Trachelospermum jasminoides

AED 315

Baby Sun Rose Hanging - Heartleaf Ice plant

Aptenia Cordifolia

AED 26

Splendid Bottlebrush Spain

Callistemon Splendens

AED 504

Ficus Nitida Lollipop

Ficus Microcarpa Nitida

AED 893

Arabian Lilac Purple

Vitex Trifolia Purpurea

AED 342

Limequat Citrus Tree

Citrus x floridana

AED 368

Hybrid Rose China

AED 142

Citrus Mandarin

Citrus Mandarin

AED 525

EchinoCactus Multi Head


AED 368

Bougainvillea White strawberry Bushy


AED 289

Bougainvillea Alexandra Bushy

Bougainvillea Alexandra

AED 284

Japanese Camellia

Camellia Japonica

AED 126

Tamarind Small

Tamarindus Indica

AED 21

Royal Poinciana Small

Delonix Regia

AED 27

Hibiscus Small

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

AED 11

Beach Hibiscus Small

Hibiscus tiliaceus

AED 16

Needle Bush Acacia Small

Acacia Farnesiana

AED 27

Acacia Arabica Small

Vachellia Nilotica

AED 21

Umbrella Thorn Acacia Mini

Acacia Tortilis

AED 17

Ghaf Mini – National Tree of UAE

Prosopis Cineraria

AED 11

Grey Mangrove Plant

Avicennia Marina

AED 48

Salt Wattle or Acacia Ampliceps

Acacia Ampliceps

AED 21

Cordia Sebestena or Orange Geiger tree

Cordia sebestena

AED 17

Florida Fiddlewood

Citharexylum spinosum

AED 40

Japanese Mint

Mentha Arvensis

AED 21

Pink Ball Tree

Dombeya wallichii

AED 147

Australian Pine Tree

Casuarina equisetifolia

AED 116

Livistona Palm Tall


AED 294

Radermachera Sinica Thick Trunk

Radermachera Sinica

AED 342

Lignum Vitae Tree

Guaiacum Officinale

AED 893

Pilkhan or White Fig Tree

Ficus Virens Pilkhan

AED 998

Rusty Fig Tree

Ficus Rubiginosa

AED 788

Ficus Benjamina Elliptic Shape

Ficus Benjamina

AED 683

Ehretia Microphylla Buxus Spiral

Ehretia microphylla

AED 1,470

Umbrella Palm

Cyperus alternifolius

AED 48

Hummingbird Plant

Sesbania grandiflora

AED 42

Ficus Retusa High Trunk Ginseng Bonsai


AED 578

Ficus Retusa 8 Shape

AED 210

Ficus Nitida Multihead


AED 3,150


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