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Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Variegated Sweet Malta Lemon

Citrus Lemon Varigated

AED 289

Kumquat Tree Spain 2Mtr

Citrus Margarita

AED 3,675

Morus alba Tree Or Mulberry Tree توت

Morus alba

AED 1,950

Red Guava

Psidium Guajava

AED 95

Limequat Citrus Tree

Citrus x floridana

AED 368

Tamarind Small

Tamarindus Indica

AED 21

Brazilian Lemon

Citrus Lemon

AED 79

Bizzarra Orange

Citrus Aurantium Bizzarria

AED 368

Japanese Yuzu Citrus

Citrus Junos (Yuzu)

AED 342

Citrus Tree

Citrus Lemon

AED 3,308

Citrus limonero Spain Tall

Citrus Mitis

AED 1,365

Guava Pakistan

Psidium Guajava

AED 116

Ficus Infectoria - White Fig

Ficus Carica

AED 1,155


Tamarindus Indica

AED 242

Pakistan Lime


AED 79

Local Fig Tree

Ficus Carica

AED 48

Coconut Tree 180cm

Cocos Nucifera

AED 210

Passion Fruit Plant

Passiflora eduils

AED 126

Citrus Mandarin Orange

Citrus reticulata

AED 273

Kumquat Tree Tall

Citrus japonica

AED 420

Common Fig Tree

Ficus Carica

AED 2,415

Grape Vine Branched


AED 893

Hot Pepper Small

Capsicum Annuum


Cardamom Plant(Elaichi)

Elettaria cardamomum

AED 79

Orange Abusura Tree

Citrus Sinensis

AED 420

Lime Binzaheer 2M


AED 441

Pineapple Red

Ananas Comosus Red

AED 105

Common Fig Tall Spain

Ficus Carica

AED 672

Dekopon Citrus Tree

Citrus Reticulata Deskopon

AED 578

Coconut Tall Tree

Cocos Nucifera

AED 998

Java Plum - Jamun

Syzygium cumini

AED 25

Mulberry Tree

Morus alba

AED 63

Orange Sinensis Spain


AED 345

Citrus limonero Spain

Citrus Mitis

AED 336

Calamansi Citrus Microcarpa

Citrus Microcarpa

AED 84

Coconut Tree – Thailand

Cocos Nucifera

AED 100


Psidium Guajava

AED 74


Punica Granatum

AED 95


Manilkara Zapota

AED 116

Tamarind Tree

Tamarindus Indica

AED 625


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