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Philodendron Pedatum Cubo

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Glass vase in Wooden base


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Comes in clear glass vase and wooden base as seen in the picture

Plant Care


Grow in standing water. Change the water at least once per week to prevent the plant from rotting. It is a good idea to rinse the vase, pebbles, and plant each time you do this.


Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours


Maintain temperatures between 18°C - 24°C. Avoid draughts as these can create undesirable temperature fluctuations. Consider giving your plant an occasional misting twice every week to maintain the optimum humidity level.


Apply liquid fertilizer once in 15 days when the plant is actively growing. For best results use Folikraft ready to use Indoor Plant Food.

Plant Bio

In different stages of their development, the leaves of the philodendron Pedatum can take up a variety of shapes, but generally follow the oak-leaf structure, hence the other name for the plant — Oak Leaf Philodendron.

It’s considered a beginner-friendly plant, so whether you’re looking to add another philodendron variety to your collection, or just starting with indoor gardening, this plant will be easy to grow.

The pedatum can grow in a range of light conditions but seems to be favoring bright indirect light or dappled light the most.

It can grow in low light conditions too, but it’s growth will be slower. It doesn’t tolerate direct sunlight because of its delicate leaves that can easily scorch under strong sunlight.

Should the leaves of your pedatum start to turn yellow or brown, assess the level and intensity of light it receives and move it out of direct light.


Comes in wooden base and cylindrical glass vase

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