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Mono Potassium Phosphate Fertilizer

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Product Bio

Monopotassium Phosphate, an eco-friendly fertilizer makes for strong roots when your plants need it most.

Jumpstart your harvest this season with 100 percent water soluble and heavy metal free Monopotassium Phosphate plant fertilizer that helps establish firm roots early in the growing season to ensure your crops are full and healthy.
The second critical component in our Monopotassium Phosphate eco-friendly fertilizer contains the essential plant nutrient, potassium.
This macronutrient is often difficult to manipulate and can benefit from the controlled application of a potassium supplement to ensure your crops get the correct amount of this precious nutrient to be healthy.
Plants absorb potassium in large amounts. Therefore, the help of a Monopotassium Phosphate fertilizer can keep potassium levels steady to keep feeding your plants the rich nutrients it needs to generate a healthy harvest.
Plants need potassium for many reasons. Potassium makes enzyme activity possible in plants.
It also encourages respiration, transpiration and makes your plants capable of absorbing other vital nutrients.
Potassium is also a key player in the transportation of water and nutrients in the xylem of the plant.
An adequate supply of potassium is critical to the operation of the plant's transport systems.
A healthy crop with a sufficient potassium supply can also increase root growth and helps stop the growth and spread of crop diseases.


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