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Plant Care


Pour 1 cup or 200ml once in 3days only when the soil begins to dry out. Do not over-water, as it leads to root-rot. Water in early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler and direct sun will not cook off the moisture before it can seep down to the roots.


Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours


upto 40°C. Suitable for GCC's climate


Once every year

Plant Bio

Aloe is not only a lovely succulent plant but also an excellent natural medicinal to have around the home. It is commonly grown as a house plant but a lucky few zones can grow them year around outdoors.

Aloes grow in poor soil with good drainage. They require full sun for at least six hours per day but the best growth is found where they receive at least eight hours of bright light. The plants store water in their leaves, which means they can go long periods without water. They do need regular watering but are very tolerant of drought conditions for short periods.

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