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300 LED Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum

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Product Bio

 LED grow light use LED full spectrum to illuminate your plant, better than you understand your plant's needs. LED full spectrum grow lights can perfect solution for winter indoor planting of tropical plants, suitable for tropical plants, lemon trees and all the plants that need light.

LED grow light has 300PCS High-efficiency LED chips. LED full spectrum grow lights can provides the full wavelength of light that is needed for the healthy growth of plants, and can improve the efficiency of photosynthesis.

LED grow light is very bright lighting but not blinding, with a broader lighting angle does not reduce the intensity and efficiency of the light, LED full spectrum grow lights can make more plants shine.

Socket Required - E27 threaded holder

Product Specifications:

- Item: Plant Growth Lamp
- LED Chips: 2835 SMD
- LED Quantity: 300 LEDs (85V-265V)
- Input Voltage: AC 220V
- Lifespan: 50,000 hours

This plant growth lamp is equipped with high-quality LED chips designed to optimize plant growth and is available in various configurations to suit different voltage requirements and base types, ensuring compatibility and longevity.

- Comprehensive Spectrum: Provides the full spectrum of light that is essential and crucial for the growth and flowering of plants, from seeding to harvest.

- 525nm Green Light Preference: Plants thrive under the appearance of green light, appearing healthier and more vibrant.

- Accelerated Leaf Growth: The 450nm Blue and 630nm Red wavelengths are instrumental in accelerating the growth of leaves.

- Promotes Flowering: The 660nm Red wavelength is essential for promoting flowering in plants.

- 7000k White Light: Acts as a substitute for HPS, HID, MH lighting systems, offering a more efficient alternative.

- Versatile Use: Ideal for small grow boxes, grow tents, DIY hydroponics, bonsai, gardens, and more, catering to various planting needs.

- User-friendly & High Efficiency: Designed with a focus on user comfort, humanistic approach, and high performance to ensure optimal plant growth.


This lighting solution is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of plants at different growth stages, ensuring they receive the right amount of light for their healthy growth and flowering.

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