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Test your soil with a kit from the garden center to determine your garden bed's pH level. If it is higher than 6.8, use sulfur or peat moss to lower it to the slightly acidic level okra prefers. If it is lower than 6.0, use limestone to raise the pH level so that it is not overly acidic. Work a 3-inch layer of compost into the top 6 to 8 inches of soil to add fertility and improve drainage.Sow lady's finger seeds in early summer, at least four weeks after all danger of frost has passed. Night temperatures should not fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant them at a depth of 0.5 inch, at a spacing of 6 inches apart within rows. Rows should be at least 24 inches apart. Water the planting area lightly.

Thin lady's finger seedlings to at least 12 inches apart when they are 3 inches tall. Choose the hardiest looking seedlings, and remove the rest by cutting the seedlings at the soil line.Keep the soil in the okra bed consistently moist until the plant flowers. Supplement water with a hose or drip irrigation system during periods of low rainfall.Water okra plants less frequently after they produce flowers. The stems are prone to rotting if soil conditions are too damp.Side-dress the plants with additional compost about 30 days after sowing seeds. Lay a narrow band of compost a few inches in front of each lady's finger row, then water to allow the nutrients to begin leeching into the soil. Monitor plants for signs of aphids and flea beetles, which include chewed-looking foliage and stunted plant growth. Set a hose to a strong spray to knock these flying pests from the plants. Remove diseased or infested stems and leaves.

Begin picking okra about 50 days after sowing seeds, after the plants' petals fall. To decrease the pods' tendency to have a "slimy" texture, they should be no longer than 4 inches at harvest. Remove the pods with about 1 inch of stem attached, using sharp pruning shears.Continue harvesting lady's fingers as long as the plants continue to produce pods, which can be up to a year in warm climates. If you harvest every other day, you'll keep the plants producing -- otherwise, over-ripened pods will signal the plants to stop bearing okra.




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