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Dimocarpus longan

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Growing longan tree through seeds is not much of a hassle.Before you plant it, make sure to leave it soaking in water overnight. This way its shell will become soft and you can quickly crack open the pod to extract the seed.
Leave it dry out in the shade for 4 days, before growing.

After this, choose a suitable location to plant your longan seed. Longan trees grow beautifully when they get a minimum of 6 hours of full sunlight every day. Make sure it has good drainage so its roots don’t remain completely drenched. Otherwise, you will have a hard time protecting your plant from fungus infections. Keep in mind that the roots of longan plants don’t like to thrive when they get fully wet. So, take care to locate a surface with good drainage to avoid dealing with an infestation.

Don’t plant the seeds too deep otherwise, it can lead to the rotting of roots. It’s best to sow them about 2 cm or ¾ inch deep so that the root ball stays over the ground level. Typically, you can see longan seeds germinating in about 10 to 15 days. Longan seeds are known to be highly sensitive and require great care for growing into beautiful plants. Make sure to maintain the optimum moisture level in the soil. This will help your seeds to easily uptake water through the roots.

However, be careful while watering your plants so it’s doesn’t get overwatered. It can often damage the roots and impede your plant from growing healthily. Likewise, longan seeds grow best in warm temperatures between 60 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Just remember that longan plans like to absorb direct sunlight for growing fast.

During winter months or colder days, make sure to take your longan seedling inside to provide sufficient heat. Before you plant your seedlings make sure to add good quality compost in the soil followed by a 2-inch layer of soil. It will prevent longan seedlings to establish their roots without breakage. Don’t use nitrogen-based fertilizers because they can promote seedlings to germinate early and drop off without reaching maturity.

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