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Grow Bag - High Grade Coco Peat

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Product Bio

Coco peat grow bags provide excellent aeration and irrigation facilities for the growth of Plants.

Featuring a special blend of coco chips and coir pith, these Coco peat Grow bags provide excellent air to water ratio for hydroponics.

The Plant holes, drip holes, and drainage holes can be predetermined and customized to suit the needs of farmers.

In the Coco peat grow bags, the plants can be directly planted and grown. Plant holes on the upper surface of the grow bags to accommodate the crops to be planted. Drainage holes may be provided for excessive irrigation. They are offered in varying thickness, size and weight, depending on the client’s preferences.

Grow slabs are packed in high density UV-treated plastic bags. Medium neutral pH 5.5 – 7 allows to effectively release nutrients and promote vigorous growth of the plants.

How to use
Start by soaking the coco peat in water for a few hours until it has fully expanded. After that, drain off any excess water and fluff up the coco peat to create a light and airy growing medium. 


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