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Product Bio

Silica Sand or Gardening sand, often called horticultural sand, is made from crushed granite, quartz, or sandstone into a sand with a very gritty texture normally made up of both large and small grains. It is often used in gardening to improve soil drainage. 

One of the most common uses for Silica Sand is mixing it with clay soil or other soil that doesn’t drain as well as fertile loam. It will both improve the drainage of the soil and improve the aeration.

Gardening sand combined with compost or peat is often used as a soilless rooting medium for starting seeds or rooting cuttings. Because the texture of this soilless rooting medium is so loose, it works well to root cuttings or promote germination. Simply mixing compost or peat and sand makes a rooting and seed starting medium loose enough to drain exceptionally well. The air circulation of the seed starting medium also triggers sprouting or rooting.

Compost or peat mixed with gardening sand is also a perfect growing medium to use in container gardens. Most plants will do well with two parts compost or peat to one part horticultural sand, but cacti or succulents prefer a soil mixture that’s half and half.


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