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Plant Bio

FOLIKRAFT’S Growizard Magic Fertilizer is the breakthrough range of 100% natural gardening product containing 70 essential micro nutrients that promotes visible growth & vibrant foliage for all your indoor and outdoor plants. Experience instant result with this powdered fertilizer mix sure to give all your plants vibrant leaves and healthy blooms.

How to use
Add 3- 4 pinch of magical powder to 500ml of water and shake well. This mix can be directly applied on the leafs and base of each plant until the soil is completely wet. Use once in 15 days for optimal results.

When & Where to use
Use on all ornamental and tropical indoor & outdoor plants, Fruit & Veg plants all around the house and garden. Growizard helps plant build immunity, drought tolerance and reduce stress from heat, cold and transplanting. The fast-growing nature of nutrients is delivered to your plants in both vegetative growth as well as root growth with guaranteed noticable results.

Storage & Advice
•  Wash hands after use and wash splashes from skin.
•  We recommend using gloves when gardening.
•  Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry place between 5˚C and
    35˚C. Keep out of reach of children.

Calcium Carbonate, Micronutrients Mn, Fe, Cu, B, Zn & NPK 20-20-20 

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