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Eggplants, with dramatic foliage and colorful fruit, are not only a great choice for a veggie garden, but an ornamental specimen as well. Native to Asia, this tender annual requires full sun, well-draining, slightly acidic, fertile soil and a long growing season. There’s no particular eggplant seed preparation necessary prior to sowing. Eggplant seeds germinate at temps between 60-95 degrees F. (15-35 C.) and seedlings will emerge in seven to 10 days. When growing with eggplant seeds instead of nursery starts, the seeds will remain viable for about four years. Starting seeds indoors is most common, although if you live in an extremely warm, humid region, planting eggplant seeds directly in the garden may work.

When starting your eggplant seeds indoors, be sure you have an area to germinate them that is quite warm, 80-90 F. (26-32 C.). Eggplant seed planting should occur four to six weeks before your last frost date. Although eggplant seeds are tiny, sow the seeds about ¼-inch deep with good quality potting soil in flats or cell containers. Use a dome or cloche to retain heat as well as humidity to encourage germination when eggplant seed planting indoors. At optimal conditions, the growing eggplant seeds should germinate within seven days. Two weeks after germination, fertilize the seedlings once a week with a soluble fertilizer — 1 tablespoon of fertilizer to one gallon of water. Eggplant seedlings will be ready to transplant in six to eight weeks. Harden off the seedlings carefully by gradually reducing ambient temps and easing off on watering. Wait until the weather has settled, with no chance of frost and the soil is warm before transplanting. Cool temperatures will weaken the plants, and frost will kill them.

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