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Before planting Coriander seeds, soak them in water for 12-24 hours. Soaking the seeds will help to speed up germination.

If starting seeds indoors, fill your seedling trays with a good quality seed starting medium, or you could use seed pellets if you prefer

Plant 1-2 seeds per cell/pellet (if more than one seed grows, then you will need to thin the seedlings)

Coriander seeds should only be planted about 1/4? deep. To make sowing coriander seeds easier, I like to lay the seeds on top of the soil, and then gently press them down to the correct depth. If you’re planting seeds directly into your garden, space them 3-4? apart

Cover the seeds with soil, and gently press it down so that the soil comes in contact with the seeds

Water your seeds with a gentle spray from the hose in your garden, or by adding water to the seed trays indoors so you don’t disturb the seeds

Cover each seed tray with a plastic lid to keep the soil moist, and help keep it warm too


Coriander germination time – One thing to keep in mind when you’re growing coriander from seed is that germinating coriander seeds can take a long time. Coriander seeds can take anywhere from 14-28 days to germinate. If you’ve started the seeds indoors, then put your seedling tray on a seedling heat mat to speed up germination. Otherwise, be patient and give it plenty of time.

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