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Blaukorn NPK 12-12-17 Fertilizer

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Product Bio

Granulated solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer for crops with high K demand. Withdrawal-oriented formulation with magnesium, sulfur and trace elements for demand-oriented fertilization.

- Every granule contains all nutrients and micronutrients
- Poor in chloride, especially suitable for usage in horticulture
- Classic fertilizer – without enhancement technology
- Rich in potassium, for crops with a high K demand or soils with a poor K supply
- High in phosphate, for usage on soils with low phosphate availability or plants with high P demand
- High proportion of the phosphate is immediately avalaible for the plants
- The coarse granulation allows homogeneous spreading, even over a wide distance

Granulated complex fertilizer with potassium sulfate (SOP) for basal and complementary dressings in chloride-sensitive crops and on salt-affected soils.
For usage in horticulture and special crops, outdoors and under glass.

Thanks to its even granulation, the fertilizer can be applied easily with spreaders or by hand. Nutrient distribution is even as every granule contains all nutrients and micronutrients. Application is possible during the whole vegetation period. Watering promotes the immediate effect.

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