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Asian Pear Seeds

Pyrus pyrifolia

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Product Bio

Hardy, Showy Spring Flowers, Edible Fruits, Fall Color, Fast Growth, Shade Tree, Specimen Tree, Adaptable, Cold Tolerant, Espalier The Chinese Sand Pear is larger than most kinds of pear trees, reaching as high as 40 feet, with a rounded crown that may spread 20 feet

In bloom, the tree is almost completely covered with white flowers, putting on a spectacular show in early spring. Individually, the flowers are 1 to 1.5 inches across, with five petals and similar to apple except for having longer pedicels.

Asian Pears appear more like apple than European pear and have hard, crisp flesh like fruit when ripe, unlike the melting flesh European pears. Also, Asian pears will ripen on trees like apples, but European pears are subject to core breakdown if allowed to ripen fully on-tree. Chinese Sand Pears should be picked when they reach full size and begin to turn yellow. This also prevents maturation of the stone cells which give Sand Pears their gritty texture. Many growers wrap their pears individually in paper and store at room temperature.

Sowing Instructions

Propagation: Seeds / Cuttings

Pretreat: soak in water for 24  hours

Stratification: 3 months in moist sowing mix at 2-5 ° C refrigerator

Sowing Time: all year round

Sowing Depth: 1 cm

Sowing Mix: Coir or sowing mix + sand or perlite

Germination temperature: 20+ ° C

Location: bright + keep constantly moist not wet

Germination Time: until it germinates

Watering: ater regularly during the growing season

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