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Organic Coconut Cake Fertilizer

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Product Bio

This is 100% Organic Coconut Oil Cake powder obtained after extracting the Coconut oil from the Coconut. Coconut Oil cakes provide all the essential elements for plant growth such as nitrogen, phosphorous & potassium while restoring all the essential macro and micro-nutrients in the soil to ensure your plants grow happy and healthy.

Typical NPK ratio of Coconut oil cake powder stands at 2-2-1.

Coconut oil cakes are made from Hand picked Premium Quality kopra's Which is rich source of of protein is indigenously used as cattle feed or manure. Coconut Oil Cake is an organic fertilizers provide all nutrients in readily available forms and also enhance the uptake of nutrients by plants and play a major role in improving growth and yield of different field crops. Oil cakes have a high nutritional value Coconut oil cake is a good source of nutrients which helps in plant growth. No added chemicals or preservatives.

How to use
Don’t apply coconut oil cakes directly to soil because ants like the same, they will take it. To avoid this you can use a simple method. Take a hand of coconut oil cake and put it in 1 liter water, keep the same for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days you can take that and mix with 1-2 times of water and apply to veggies. You can use this once in a week, this is very good for the health of veggies.

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