Garden Clay Soil

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Product Bio

Soils rich in fine clay particles are called ‘heavy soils’ and, although hard to manage, are also potentially very fertile when treated in the right way.
- Clay soils contain more than 30 percent fine clay particles
- Clays swell and shrink as they wet and dry, effectively cultivating themselves
- Clay soils take longer to warm up in spring
- Wet clay soils are easily damaged when dug or walked on
- Drought is much less damaging on clay soils than others soil types

Clay particles are amazingly dominant in a soil. This is explained by the relative size of the different particles (clay, sand and silt) that soil contains. Clay particles are very small but, because this allows more particles to fit in any given space (say 1cm cubed), they have huge surface area that dominates the physical properties of soil. In comparison, sand and silt particles are larger, so fewer particles are needed to fill a space (say 1cm cubed again). As a result, the overall surface area of sand and silt is smaller and so much less influential on determining the characteristics of a soil than the clay particles.

*The packaging design shown is for illustrate purpose only. The actual product will be delivered in Zipper bags.

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