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Clitoria ternatea

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Product Bio

Clitoria ternatea is easy to grow from seed. In spring, prepare the seeds by lightly scratching the surface with a nail file and soak them overnight in water. The next day, sow them either direct or raise as seedlings by planting 2cm deep. Raise seedlings to protect them from being eaten by birds or destroyed by other critters. If planting in the ground, for protection, cover the spot with the top half of a clear plastic bottle with the lid removed.

The seeds generally take two to three weeks to germinate. Once the seedlings have grown to at least 4-5cm in height, transplant them in the ground, against a wall or a trellis in a position that gets full sun or part shade. It takes 90 days until the plant begins to flower. It may seem slow at first, but once the flowers start forming, it is prolific and continues flowering from early summer until late autumn.

Very little maintenance is required for this plant. Keep it moist while it’s growing, but don’t overwater. Once it’s established, it becomes drought tolerant. As a legume, its nitrogen fixing capabilities means it needs little fertiliser. If you’ve prepared the soil beforehand, as is my preference, it doesn’t need additional fertiliser. Furthermore, the vine seems to be fairly resistant to garden pests.

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