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Care level

  • Care-Free / Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard


  • Pet Friendly
  • Shade Loving Plants
  • Bright Light / Full Sun
  • Drought Resistant
  • Flowering
  • Non Flowering

Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Ficus Retusa High Trunk Ginseng Bonsai


AED 578

Ficus Retusa 8 Shape

AED 210

Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir

AED 735

Chamaedorea Seifritzii

Chamaedorea Seifritzii

AED 250

Ficus Nitida Multihead


AED 3,150

Ficus Benjamina Green Tree

Benjamina Starlight

AED 4,725

Neem Plant

Azadirachta Indica

AED 21

Ficus Nitida Cone


AED 252

Jasmin Murraya

Murraya Paniculata

AED 32

Bizzarra Orange

Citrus Aurantium Bizzarria

AED 368

Japanese Yuzu Citrus

Citrus Junos (Yuzu)

AED 342

Tecoma Stans Tall

Tecoma stans

AED 294

Plumeria Rubra

AED 788

Creeping Tuberose Tall

Stephanotis floribunda

AED 380

India Hawthorn

Rhaphiolepis Springtime

AED 289

Citrus Tree

Citrus Lemon

AED 3,308

Pandanus Variegata Mini


AED 15

Ficus Panda Cage Shape

AED 709

Japanese Spindle Tree Gold

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 299

Albomarginatus Spindle Big

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 265

Citrus limonero Spain Tall

Citrus Mitis

AED 1,365

Terminalia Catappa - Indian Almond

Terminalia Catappa

AED 63

Peach Oleander Plant

Cascabela thevetia

AED 48

Golden Spines Cactus


AED 189

Cone Cactus Small

Neobuxbaumia Polylopha

AED 105

Ball Cactus

Parodia Magnifica

AED 90

Spineless Yucca Outdoor

Yucca elephantipesis

AED 578

Yucca Desmetiana Or Blue Boy

Yucca Desmetiana

AED 48

Cambodian Dragon Tree

Dracaena cambodiana

AED 525

Desert Rose Pink

Adenium Obesum

AED 79

Rangoon Creeper Tall

Quisqualis Indica

AED 105

Washingtonia Palm 2Mtr

Washingtonia robusta

AED 1,365

Ehretia Microphylla Buxus Wall Shaped

Ehretia microphylla

AED 342

Bougainvillea Tomato Red Bushy


AED 263

Chinese Violet Variegata Bushy

Asystasia Gangetica Variegata

AED 45

Lilac Chaste Tree

Vitex Agnus-Castus

AED 396

Ficus Infectoria - White Fig

Ficus Carica

AED 1,155

Century Plant

Agave americana 'Variegata'

AED 100

Ficus Nitida

Ficus Microcarpa Nitida

AED 275

Mango Tree China

Mangifera Indica China

AED 368


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