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Rootex NPK6-46-5


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Anything below 1 kg is supposed to be shipped in a small loose carton box without its original packing, in case you require the original pack, then you may proceed with an order of 1 kilograms.

Product Bio

Rootex is Designed in a way that it could come in use for Plants that have a High Requirement of Phosphorus.
It's a Dry Soluble Formulation, that is developed as an easy to use Formulation, which in turn is highly compatible with most fertilizers.

NPK 6-46-5

Application Guidelines:

-Proper application Frequency and Rate should be well-determined in accordance with Plant’s specific conditions and Requirements.
-Apply especially during periods of Root Growth Initiation or High Phosphate Demand.
-Make sure  to take a Jar Test always, before adding to an Injection Tank or Spray Tank.
-Do Not Spray on High Sensitive Plant Materials at a Rate of more than 1% by its weight.
-It is the Responsibility of the end-user to ensure safety and compatibility. While the tank mixed with other chemicals.
-Replacement should be made, if possible, of Poly in-line filters with Stainless Steel.
-Always Consult your Agronomist.








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