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Product Bio

Pumice is a great soil amendment to use in your garden for moisture regulation and aeration. It is a mined, igneous, volcanic rock product. It is created from volcanic eruptions, making the magma frothy. If it cools rapidly, the bubbles will become trapped in the resulting rock.

Unlike other volcanic rock products for the garden, like vermiculite and perlite, it is ready to use straight out of the earth, no industrial treatments required!

It should not be confused with pomace, which is the leftover solids from crushing fruits such as grapes, olives, and apples. You probably use it  every day without realizing it–it is found in cosmetics, kitty litter, water filters, and pencil erasers. It is the "pumice stone" or "pumice and pumicite" rock used to create stone washed jeans. Why not use it as a soil amendment in your organic garden too.

How to use pumice stones in soil

  • Adding as little as 10% pumice to any garden soil mix is enough to see the benefits.
  • For succulents, use this for up to half of your potting soil media.
  • You can use it straight out of the bag, or you can saturate it with nutrients and beneficial microbes first, a process called activating or supercharging. To activate your pumice, simply soak it in a nutrient solution such as compost tea for at least 24 hours before mixing it into your garden soil.


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