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Product Bio

Librel RMX26: is an Agglomerated Granule Trace Elements Mixture Containing. 4% Mn, 1.5% Cu, 1.5% Zn, 4% Fe, 0.5% B, 0.1% Mo, 2% MgO, As Chelates (w/w). Each Granule of Librel RMX26 Contains Above Mentioned Trace Elements as its Chemically Mixed & Not Physically Blended.

To Correct Multiple Micronutrient Deficiencies in most Agricultural, Horticultural & Ornamental Crops.

Application Rates:
Add Librel RMX26 to the Main Bulk of Water while it’s Being Agitated for a Short time

- Pre-Mix is not Required.

Compatibility: is Compatible With All Librel Chelates & Also Fully Compatible with Solutions Containing Soluble Phosphate.

- Dissolve 8gms in 1 litre of water for foliage application

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