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Bailu No.1 Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder


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Product Bio

Bailu No.1 is an organic fertilizer extracted from Sargassum, Laminaria and Ascophlyllum Nodosum etc the Phaeophyta, which is rich in Alginic acid, Cytokinin, natural PGR and Mannitol etc.

Application Method:
Foliar Spray : Dilute the product by 3000-4000 times water and 3 to 4 continuous application at 20 days interval.

Seed-soaking: Before planting, Bailu No.1 can also be used as a seed-soaking treatment, which can help seeds to germinate in advance. Dosage: 1~2 kgs/ 1 Mt seeds.

Root-dipping: Dilute the product by 2500~3000 times of water and then dip the roots.

1. Bailu No.1 has very good combinability with most pesticides and fertilizers.
2. Please keep this product in an arid place with the temperature of 5~40 ℃.





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