Price Range

  • AED 0 - 100
  • AED 100 - 200
  • AED 200 - 500
  • AED 500 - 1000
  • AED 1000+

Albomarginatus Spindle Tree

Euonymus japonica albomarginatus

AED 95

Yucca Aloifolia

Yucca Filifera

AED 1,943


Bougainvillea Glabra

AED 58

Aloe Vera – Emirates Nature-WWF Co-Branded

AED 37

Tooth Pick Cactus

Stetsonia Coryne

AED 8,924

Pasacana Tree Cactus

Trichocereus Pasacana

AED 9,449

Golden Barrel Cactus Outdoor

Echinocactus Grusonii (Outdoor)

AED 515

Caralluma Cactus

Caralluma Adscendens

AED 16

Vatricania Guentheri

Espostoa Guentheri

AED 23,100

Neem Tree

Azadirachta Indica

AED 221

Bottle Brush

Callistemon Viminalis

AED 100

Royal Poinciana

Delonix Regia

AED 336


Olea Europea

AED 210

Caribbean Trumpet Tree

Tabebuia Argentea

AED 578


Wrightia Antidysenterica Milky Way

AED 48

Bougainvillea (Pink Pixie)

Pink Pixie

AED 53


Althernantera Red

AED 21

Natural Grass Carpet Roll

AED 32


Moringa Oleifera

AED 95

Cactus Prickly Pears

AED 53

Twin Spined Cactus

AED 126

Out of stock

Bougainvillea Mix

AED 294

Out of stock

River Red Gum

eucalyptus rostrata

AED 95

Out of stock

Mistletoe Fig

Ficus Diversifolia

AED 27

Out of stock

Alexandrian Senna

Cassia Angustifolia

AED 16

Out of stock

African Milk Tree Cactus

AED 48

Out of stock

Saguaro Cactus

AED 53


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