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The Venus fly trap is a very interesting insectivorous plants. At the top of leaves, there is a insect-catching clamp which resembles “shell”, and can secrete juices. When bug broke into, it can clamp with its extremely fast speed, and digestion and the most favor insectivorous plants for keepers.

Seeding method:

Seeds can be directly spreaded on the damp matrix surface (can use mixed peat or watering pure sphagna), the surface does not cover the soil or cover 1-3 mm tall fine peat or fine jade red soil to fix root. Keep high humidity and bright light, germination optimum temperature is 15 to 30 degrees, about a month of germination. It can grow to be into a plant after 3 to 5 years.

Growing points: 

Venus fly trap is sensitive to water quality. Use low mineral content of water, such as rain, pure water, etc.). Summer heat is easy to rotten stem, so good ventilation, cooling roots, good environment illumination, and large temperature difference between day and night can help reduce the happening of the disease. If you need to apply fertilizer, recommended to spray more than 1/5 concentration of your choosing fertilizer!

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