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Tradecorp Humistar WG 100% soluble Humic Acid

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Product Bio

It’s an Natural Humic conditioner, mainly obtained from American Leonardite, presented in the form of soluble micro-granules, which are responsible for improving the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil. In addition to the following brief, Humistar WG also increases the assimilation and availability of the nutrients by the crop.

Effects of Humistar on Plants – Increase the ability of white roots to improve uptake of nutrients and plant vigour – Hence better nutrient uptake means plant could grow with thicker stem and improved blooming flowers – Strong healthy plant naturally increases its resistance towards any disease – Vigorous plant improves crop’s quality yield.

Effects of Humistar on Soil – Better uptake of micro elements like for example Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Phosphorus and other nutrients – Increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, which results less waste of applied nutrients – Also improves soil structure which increases soil water holding capacity and enables better aeration of soil.

-100% Soluble |100% Reactivity with soil | 100% Plant available

Made in Spain

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