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Product Bio

Transparent Dome for Optimal Growth:
The clear dome can be placed on the base, allowing you to monitor the progress of your plants. It features an air vent that supplies oxygen and retains moisture, creating an ideal climate for your plants to thrive.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly:
These nursery pots are molded from recycled pulp and adhesive, ensuring they are biodegradable. They provide excellent breathability, similar to clay pots, creating an optimal environment for root growth. Once planted or tilled into the soil, they quickly biodegrade, becoming organic nutrients absorbed by your plants.

Versatile for Various Plants:
These seed starter pots with drainage holes are perfect for growing flowering plants, herbs, and vegetables from seedlings.

Preventing Transplant Shock:
Ideal for seed germination, the biodegradable peat pots allow plant roots to penetrate the material as it begins to break down. This overcomes common issues faced with plastic pots, such as root rot and transplant shock.

Environmentally Conscious:
These peat pots are disposable and cannot be reused. However, they degrade naturally after transplantation, ensuring they do not harm the environment.


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