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Lobster Claws

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Plant Bio

Because Tillandsia dyeriana doesn’t grow too large, this plant is easy to keep in a somewhat smaller terrarium. The inflorescence is nothing short of spectacular, featuring bright orange bracts interspersed with small white flowers. The outside of this Bromelia’s green leaf is often covered with dark spots. The plant can be placed in the soil, but really comes into its own in its natural style of growth: epiphytically. The plant can be placed on the back wall (preferably a fern root or other absorbent material) or set on an epiphyte trunk. Many small poison dart frogs species like hiding between the leaves of this Bromelia in order to lay eggs. Moreover, Tillandsia dyeriana can also be kept in the living room as a houseplant.

Plant Care

In a tropical terrarium this small to medium-sized Bromelia requires a bright spot with high humidity. Preferably, there should always be water in the chalice of Tillandsia dyeriana. If the roots become too moist they’ll quickly die off. Daily misting is recommended. Extra fertilization is not directly required.




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