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Leather Fern Mini

Rumohra adiantiformis

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Plant Care


Water once a week or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but do not overwater as this will cause brown spots and leaf drop. Curly or dry leaves suggest, the plant is dry and needs watering. Water in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Always check your soil before watering.


Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours


Maintain temperatures between 18°C - 24°C. Avoid draughts as these can create undesirable temperature fluctuations. Consider giving your plant an occasional misting twice every week to maintain the optimum humidity level.


Apply liquid fertilizer once in 15 days when the plant is actively growing. For best results use Folikraft ready to use Indoor Plant Food.

Plant Bio

Rumohra adiantiformis [roo-MOH-ruh, ad-ee-an-tih-FOR-mis] known by the common name leatherleaf fern is a fern species from the family Dryopteridaceae.

It is native to a diverse range of countries in the Caribbean, South America, southern Africa, Australasia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and islands in the West Indian Ocean.

Though they are not particularly high-maintenance, leatherleaf ferns do have specific light, soil and water requirements. While rumohra adiantiformis plants need regular watering to thrive, they can survive with less frequent watering after they are fully established.However, do not let them completely dry out as they only have moderate drought tolerance.

The plants are also intolerant to water with a high mineral concentration or is salty. Fertilizing the plant with a half-strength liquid all purpose fertilizer once a month, during the growing season, helps to maintain the color and shine of its foliage. The frequency and amount of the fertilizer vary according to the type of soil the ferns are planted in. Do not apply fertilizer to the transplanted rhizomes until they start developing feeder roots.

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