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Plant Care


During summer, Water daily or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. During Winter season water once in 2 days or when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but do not overwater as this will cause brown spots and leaf drop. Curly or dry leaves suggest, the plant is dry and needs watering. Water in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Always check your soil before watering.


Bright indoor light


During summer season or when the temperature is above 45°C place the plant in shaded area. During winter season or the when the temperature is below 45°C the plants can be directly placed in direct/indirect sunlight.


Apply succulent fertilizers once in 40 days. For best results use Folikraft ready to use Succulent Plant Food.

Plant Bio

Cone cactus (Neobuxbaumia polylopha) is a tall solitary cactus that can grow to 13 m tall with a trunk diameter of 36 cm. Blooms in summer with impressive, bright red flowers that bloom nocturnally. It thrives in full sun with low to moderate moisture.

Cone cactus

The cone cactus's species name (or specific epithet, in scientific lingo) of polylopha translates as "many ribs." It makes note of the "ribbed" appearance of the cactus. Cone cactus can feature between 10 and 30 ribs running along the length of each segment.

Interesting Facts

Cone cactus grows naturally in only small regions within Mexico. Its habitat consists of limestone-rich cliffs and canyon walls. Unfortunately, development and human activity have made wild cone cactus a rare sight. Cone cactus sprout dark red flowers, a rarity among columnar-shaped cacti which usually have white flowers.

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