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Floranid Twin Turf NPK fertilizer 20-5-8

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Product Bio

This tailor-made Solution Pack is available in order to support enthusiastic cultivators those who just want to grow plants or crops within their Apartment or Villa. 
Composite : NPK 20-5-8(+2) 
Slow-release NPK fertilizer with CROTODUR® and ISODUR® (double N technology) for high-value sports + leisure turfs and public green places.

With the double N technology made of CROTODUR® and ISODUR®
Slow nitrogen release for over several months
Promotes vital growth in resistance of grasses and habitat of plant roots.
Reduction in any kind of workload, applicable risk and nutrient losses due to leaching.
Optimal granulation for a fine distribution


Floranid®Twin Turf has an ideal nutrient ratio of high-quality turf. Well good with nitrogen utilization, the turf has also a suitable nutrient ratio along with the addition of iron and trace nutrients. Resulting in a high efficacy along with ability to meet the demands of high-value sports turf areas.

Their content double N technology (made up of CROTODUR® and ISODUR®) is an efficient for controlled release of nitrogen over a period of about 3 months. The activity index is over 95 %. This facility will ensure long-term nutrient supply, and maximum N efficiency and leads to optimum growth. Each granule contains all required nutrients and thus guarantees its very exact distribution.



N-P-K fertilizer with magnesium and sulfur {Chemical Form: N-P2O5-K2O(+MgO+S)} of composite of 20-5-8(+2+7) contains isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) nitrogen, crotonylidene diurea (CDU) nitrogen, as well as iron, copper, boron, zinc and manganese. For use in horticulture. Poor in chloride.

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