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Fire Red Pencil Cactus

Euphorbia tirucalli

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Plant Care


Place the plant pot in a tray and fill the tray with water such that the plant can absorb the water directly from the tray. Do this once every week or when the soil dries out. Don't water the plant directly from the top as this will cause the plant leaves to rot.


Bright indoor light or indirect sun. 6 hours to 8 hours


Maintain temperatures between 18°C - 24°C. Avoid draughts as these can create undesirable temperature fluctuations. Consider giving your plant an occasional misting twice every week to maintain the optimum humidity level.


Apply liquid fertilizer once in 15 days when the plant is actively growing. For best results use Folikraft ready to use Indoor Plant Food.

Plant Bio

Euphorbia tirucalli, commonly known as Pencil Cactus, Milk Bush, or Firestick Plant, is a distinctive succulent shrub or small tree belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. Here's a description and care guide for Euphorbia tirucalli:

Appearance: Pencil Cactus has a unique appearance, featuring upright, pencil-thin stems that resemble the shape of pencils or sticks. The stems are green, but in bright sunlight, they can take on orange or red hues, especially at the tips.

Leaves: The plant has tiny, inconspicuous leaves that are shed early, and the photosynthesis primarily occurs in the stems.

Flowers: Pencil Cactus produces small, greenish-yellow flowers, but they are not particularly showy. The main ornamental appeal comes from the slender, colorful stems.

Size: In its native habitat, Pencil Cactus can reach heights of up to 30 feet (9 meters). As a container plant or in cultivation, it's often kept smaller.

Care Guide:

Light: Pencil Cactus thrives in full sunlight. Provide it with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth. It can tolerate partial shade but may not display vibrant coloration.

Temperature: This succulent is well-suited for warm climates and does not tolerate frost. It is best grown in USDA hardiness zones 9-11.

Watering: Pencil Cactus is drought-tolerant and prefers dry conditions. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. Overwatering can lead to root rot.

Soil: Plant in well-draining soil. A cactus or succulent mix is suitable. Good drainage is crucial to prevent waterlogging.

Fertilization: Pencil Cactus doesn't require frequent fertilization. Feed it with a balanced, diluted, liquid fertilizer during the growing season (spring to early fall).

Pruning: Minimal pruning is generally needed. You can trim the plant to control its size or shape, but be cautious as the milky sap can be irritating to the skin and eyes.

Pest and Disease Management: Pencil Cactus is relatively resistant to pests and diseases. However, mealybugs or scale insects may occasionally infest it. Wipe off pests with a damp cloth or treat with insecticidal soap if necessary.

Propagation: Propagate Pencil Cactus through stem cuttings. Allow the cut ends to callous for a day or two before planting in well-draining soil.

Caution: The milky sap of Pencil Cactus is toxic and can be irritating to the skin and eyes. Handle with care and avoid contact with the sap.

Pencil Cactus is valued for its unique form and drought tolerance, making it a popular choice for xeriscaping and succulent gardens. With proper care, including adequate sunlight, well-draining soil, and minimal water, you can enjoy the striking appearance of the Pencil Cactus in your garden or as a container plant.

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