Ecocube – Chili Habanero


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Plant Care


Wet the seed starting mix. Push your finger into the soil to your first knuckle and make sure it is damp. Excess water should drain through.


Indirect sunlight, 6 to 8 hours


18°C to 25°C


Provide fertilizer once the first true leaves emerge. The first set of leaves that appear are known as the seed leaves. The second set of leaves are the first ‘true leaves,’ and a sign that your plant is getting mature and ready for serious growth. Dilute a balanced fertilizer to ¼ the strength recommended. Fertilize once in 2 weeks.

Product Bio

Ecocubes are cubes made of high-quality pine wood originating from New Zealand. The cubes are filled with a growing media and come with seed packs.

And here is how it works: Just remove the sleeve, peel off the sticker from the cube, add seeds, water regularly (the soil needs to stay moist!), and place the cube at a bright and warm location. After a few days the ecocube comes to life – you will see little green seedlings germinating.

With the right care flowers, herbs, exotic plants, and even trees will grow. You will have to re-pot the trees after a couple of months. But re-potting is very easy: Just bury the entire cube in a pot and cover with soil or if you want to bury the entire cube in the ground outside. The cube is made of 100% biodegradable material and will turn into valuable fertilizer for the plant.

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