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This plant is deliverd as a plug (a small special treated and fast growing plant of about 10 cm). Due to the special treatment this plant grows twice as fast as a regular plant. Please read the description for planting instructions.

Plant Bio

This plant is deliverd as a plug (a small special treated and fast growing plant of about 10 cm). Due to the special treatment this plant grows twice as fast as a regular plant.

Containing: Water plant (10cm), dried sphagnum moss and planting instruction.
Planting depth: -10/-40 | Location: Sun / halfshadow.
Flowering time: June / September: | Flower colour: Mixed | Plant height: 40 cm.
Deliverd fresh from our own plant nursery with 30 years experience.

Planting Instruction

When you receive your water lily rhyzome, it will come to you bare/loose rooted (not potted).  You can repot water lilies at any time of the year.

During spring, summer and autumn your water lily will arrive with some leaves.  During the dormant period in winter, it will have no leaves.

 If you are planting it in a pond or decorative water bowl, you will need to pot it into a pot of at least 20cm in diameter or even a 4 litre ice cream container will do (eat the icecream first!).

Use a good quality garden soil i.e. one that you could grow vegetables in is best - do not use potting mix as it can contain pine bark and other composts not suitable for ponds, as they can release the wrong nutrients which then feed algae.

When planting your water lily you want the top of the growing tip to be level with the top of the pot.  Work out how deep you will need to plant your lily in the pot so the tip is level with the top, then fill the pot with your soil to where the roots would start.  Place one of Triffid Park's Water Plant Fertiliser Tablets on the soil, sit the water lily beside the fertiliser tablet and fill the rest of the pot with your soil to just below the growing tip.  Pat down firmly, then place a layer of small pebbels or gravel around the top to stop the mix floating.  Take care not to cover the growing tip.

Gently add some water to the container until the air bubbles stop.  Then you can slowly lower the pot into your pond.  Make sure you put it deep enough to at least the minimum growing depth listed on the label.

However as the water at the top of ponds is warmer, you may like to place it just under the water's surface for a couple of weeks until it is established and new growth appears, then you can lower it down.

 If you are planting into a dam or lagoon, plant straight into the base of the dam.  Read the depth information for the water lily and do not plant any deeper than suggested when the dam is at full height or you will drown your water lily.

If you cannot get into the dam and dig a hole to plant the water lily, you can tie the water lily rhyzome to a brick or rock with string or fishing line and sink it to the bottom.  Alternatively use a tent peg to hold it down.

Most dams will have enough nutrients to feed your water lilies during the growing season, but one of Triffid Park's Water Plant Fertililser Tabets pushed into the root system on planting is a good way to get your lily established.

Imported from UK.

This water lily is especially suitable for the small and medium-sized pond. The plant has large, almost round leaves, which turn purple-red and then slowly turn green. This water lily flowers from June to September, in relation to other water lilies, small pink / red flowers with a yellow center. These flowers spread a fragrance that looks a bit like apples and attracts butterflies and insects. When the flower is over, it sinks to the bottom, where the seeds can germinate. Nymphaea Baby loves a place in full sun or in the shade.

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