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Product Bio

Easy to use, instant Bluetooth plant monitor device from Xiaomi.

Download the app "Flower Care" from Appstore/ Google play store and connect with the plant monitor device to monitor the following,
1. Temperature Detection
2. Nutrient Detection
3. Light Detection
4. Soil Moisture Detection

App Download link
App Store
Google Play Store

Wireless connections: Bluetooth 4.1 BLE
Operating voltage: 3V
Battery: CR2032 button battery (Not included)
Size: 120.5 mm * 24.5 mm * 12.5 mm

Product Description
1. Waterproof design around battery compartment
2. IP5 Waterproof grade: anti spray type waterproof, any direction directly by the water jet, no harmful effects
3. Nutrient testing, soil moisture detection, temperature detection, light detection
4. Precise detection of light and temperature water and fertilizer
5. Cloud Plant Database
6. Phone Bluetooth connection

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