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Armada Emulsifiable Insecticide

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Keep out of reach of children and use protective gloves during the application.

Product Bio

Why Armada?
Sucking insects are responsible for destroying all types of indoor & outdoor plants. Spider mite, mealybug, aphid, whitefly and scale insect are major culprits. They infect various indoor plants, outdoor plants, fiber crops, ornamental and forest crops. Sucking insects suck plant sap and cause chlorosis, which adversely affects photosynthesis. These insects are most difficult to control because of their high reproduction potential, ability to coexist in overlapping generations, high adaptation potential, and worldwide distribution. Some of them protect themselves under white powdery coating, which keeps them protected from insecticides and natural enemies.

Mode of Action
Armada is a direct contact and stomach poison.

Target Pest
Spider mite, mealybug, whitefly, aphid, jassid, scale insect, diamondback moth, Caramine Mite, European Red mite and leaf miner.

Mix 1ml in 1 litre of water and spray it on the foliage and soil continuously for 7 days to get rid of all insicide.

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