Terms & Conditions  
(Updated on 30 Nov 2021)

With no minimum spend, for all purchases, get 50% cashback back of the order value as coupon codes which can be used in your future purchases with a validity of 30 days.

What products are not included in this promotion:
Christmas trees, Christmas wreathe's, Gift Cards & Pre Order Plants are excluded in this promotion.

When will i get my cashback coupon code?
After the successfull delivery of your products, with in 4 working days the cashback coupon codes will be emailed to you. If there is any returns associated with your order, the same will be adjsuted in the coupon code value.

Can i use other coupon codes during this promotion?
This promotion is valid from 1st Dec - 2nd Dec 2021. During the promotion, all purchases which uses any of the available coupon codes/voucher codes will not be eligible for the cashback offer.

What is the maximum cashback i can avail in this promotion?
The maximum cash back per order is Dhs.500

Returns/Refunds & Cancellation Policy

PS Promise

We love plants and we’d love you to love them too. We make every effort to bring you a plant that as closely as possible resembles the plant as it appears on our website in the size you have chosen - as with all living things there is some natural variation we feel is acceptable but have tried to mitigate this by working with the best suppliers we could find.

If you wish to return or reject an order or a particular item in your order, you can return the product with the delivery agent as and when its been delivered.The returned plants/accessories should be in its orginal packaging and if the plant has been repotted or the original packaging of the accessories is missing, refund wont be possible. The amount of the particular product/order will be refunded to you with in 10 working days. If you happen to change your mind and would like to return the plant after 24 hours, there will be an additional pickup fee of Dhs.15.

If you happen to accept your order and later wish to change after 24 hours, exchange or return the plants, Plantshop will offer no refund for the same. 

For issues beyond our control such as: airborne pests and diseases such as box blight, fungal leaf spot or aphids we cannot accept any responsibility beyond 7 days.